In Harm’s Way

I often rail against the dangers facing the captive insurance industry from many sources around the globe. Sometimes I feel that I complain too much, because our industry has been solid and very productive even in these uncertain times. But today, my thoughts are on the real storms staring down our friends and colleagues in two of the best captive domiciles.

Bermuda and Hawaii are both facing very large, and potentially dangerous storms these next few days. With winds of up to 145 mph, Hurricane Gonzalo continued on a path toward Bermuda on Friday as a Category 4 storm. Tropical storm conditions should begin by this morning and the eye of Gonzalo was expected to be near Bermuda by Friday afternoon or evening, forecasters say. Even if the center of the hurricane doesn’t make direct landfall, the tiny island will still have damaging hurricane-force winds, torrential rainfall and very rough and dangerous surf meteorologists are warning.

Tropical Storm Ana is expected to deliver heavy rain and potentially destructive winds and may become a hurricane by this evening. The storm likely will bring 40 to 50 mph winds which can blow down trees and knock out power. The weather service issued a flash flood watch for the entire state from Friday through Sunday, indicating flooding is possible anywhere in the archipelago, where between 5 to 10 inches of rain may fall, though some areas could get 20 inches or more.

Please stay safe and know that the entire captive community will be thinking of you over the next few days.

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