Farewell, Bill and Andrea!

Andrea-BillBartlettA couple of weeks ago I kind of poked fun at one of my favorite groups of people in the captive world: actuaries. Sure, they have a reputation of being numbers geeks; but I have found that they make up some of the best people in the captive insurance industry. And now the news that two of the nicest and most supportive actuaries in our industry have announced they are retiring. Bill and Andrea Bartlett, the owners and founders of Bartlett Actuarial Group based in South Carolina, are an amazing example of the cool small “mom and pop” firms that sprinkle throughout our industry. They remind me of the story of the quiet folks in a community who always are there, volunteering, supporting the people and events for the good of the community. Even now, Andrea is finishing a stint as President of the South Carolina Captive Insurance Association where she was incredibly helpful in getting Senator Lindsey Graham to co-sponsor (with Senator Pat Leahy of Vermont) the NRRA technical corrections bill.

Bill and Andrea were two of the first people I met when I joined VCIA and they could not have been more kind or supportive. They will be truly missed by the captive insurance community, and by me.  Thank you all very much and I look forward to hearing from you!


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