OK, I know most of you are already looking to next week for the big feast of turkey (or tofurkey), at least those of us working the United States. And, yes, this does seem to be a good time to muse on the things we can be thankful for in our lives, our jobs, or both.  For me it is pretty easy. I will spare you me going on about my family and friends (although I am VERY thankful about them all), and go straight to my job:

I am thankful I work with such terrific people, including the great staff here at VCIA (you probably know most of them: Julie, Peggy, Diane, Elizabeth, Janice and our relatively new addition, Christy), and the people throughout the captive community. My wife used to roll her eyes whenever I spoke about someone in the industry being so nice. She found it hard to believe until I made her come to a board dinner one night and on the way home she said, “You know what, everyone was so nice”.  I know!

I am thankful that I work in a vibrant, interesting industry that truly keeps the wheels of our economy turning. Never a dull moment trying to keep up with all the busy minds pushing and stretching the bounds of insurance, as well as coping with less constructive minds out there who constantly and publicly complain about an industry they know little about (and don’t seem to care to).

And I am thankful for the State of Vermont, for having the foresight and fortitude to support an industry with an environment that has produced the industry’s best regulators and service providers hands down (I might be a little prejudiced here, but I don’t think so).

Okay, enough already! Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you all very much and I look forward to hearing from you!


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