Top Ten with the VCIA


photo: Late Show with David Letterman/Facebook

In honor of Dave Letterman’s retirement this week from Late Night (one of the best shows of all time), I give you the top ten reasons you should become a member of VCIA:

#10   What else are you going to do with that wad of cash

#9     Their president is not only smart and charismatic, but good looking to boot

#8     Add your voice to a strong membership base to support the captive insurance
industry – membership means clout!

#7     Great marketing opportunities to connect with owners, managers and service

#6     Network, network, network

#5     Did I mention their president…

#4     Nobody gives you better education in the captive industry – nobody!

#3     Discounts on conference registration, webinars and more

#2     VCIA is the leader in providing advocacy for the entire captive industry in Vermont,
Washington, and beyond

#1     Best value in the whole captive industry

Thank you all very much, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Smith
VCIA President

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