Brian Donovan of STICO

1136_happyretirementpartystreamersballoonGreat article in the Risk Retention Reporter on the impending retirement of Brian Donovan of STICO at the end of the summer this year. Brian formed STICO in Vermont in the late 80’s to deal with the difficulty of finding pollution insurance for steel tank manufacturers, and transformed it into an RRG in 2002. Brian served on the board of directors of VCIA and was a major force in the growth of the association over the years. His son, Colin, who has been with STICO since 1998, will assume Brian’s position on his retirement.

One of the interesting things Brian told me at this year’s CICA conference, and was also mentioned in the story, was the fact that he never started out to get into the insurance business (you can’t swing a dead cat in a meeting of insurance people without hitting someone with a similar story), but it has been quite a ride!  For those of you who know Colin, you know he will keep the same steady hand on the tiller during his tenure at the helm. And with his own brand of wry humor. Farewell, Brian – and good luck, Colin!

Thank you all very much, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Smith
VCIA President

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