Captives: America’s Pastime

A friend of mine gave me tickets to the Red Sox – Yankees game down in Fenway Park last week. Now normally those tickets would be next to impossible to get, but since the Sox were scraping the bottom of the standings there wasn’t quite the same hype for The Game as in years past. That being said, anytime you can get to Major League baseball’s holiest shrine is always fun – and the weather was great, hotdogs tasty and beer cold. What a night!

But as I was sipping my $8.00 can of beer, I couldn’t help reflect that MLB has a captive in Vermont (which delighted my 15 year-old to no end – yawn) and then slipped into what Dave Provost, Vermont’s Deputy Commissioner in charge of captives, does when he is travelling around the country: identifying all the companies and organizations you bump into that have captives in Vermont. Brushed my teeth with Crest in the morning, zipped up my jeans with a YKK zipper, checked the weather on CBS, closed my Marvin windows, got into my Toyota, buckled my seat belt made by Takata (maybe should double check those…), filled up at a Mobil station, and sipped my Starbucks on the way there… and I hadn’t even arrived in Boston yet! Next year, we’re going to Disney World!

Hope you can join us for our upcoming VCIA webinar: The Sweet Spot! Finding the Right Retention Level for Your Captive, on September 16.  Our expert speakers, including Google’s director of business risk and insurance, will share their thoughts and experiences on what to consider when determining how much risk to retain within your captive.

By the way, for all you Yankee fans out there, even though Sox pitcher Porcello pitched a good game Boston lost 3 – 1. Thanks and keep in touch!

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