It’s a Wrap


You gotta’ believe… that Santa Clause has a captive. I mean, just look at all his exposures worldwide. You got workers comp (oy, the elves!), stop-loss (again those pesky elves), liability (its icy up there you know and not everyone has a welcoming chimney), product warranty (they don’t build them like they used to), and throw in a little weather related cat bond, and you have the full boat (or sleigh as it might be).

And, of course, where else would he domicile Rudolf Red Nose Insurance, but in the domicile that most resembles his organization – Vermont. Efficient, honest, professional, and of course, cold this time of year.

Thank you all very much, and I hope you all have Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year – see you in 2017!

Rich Smith
VCIA President

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