I Own My Insurance Company… Now What?


One of the benefits to moving your risk from the traditional insurance marketplace to a captive is that you own the data that normally a carrier would collect and keep. This data is keenly important to how you manage risk and begin what is hopefully a virtuous circle of loss prevention.

VCIA will be hosting a webinar next Wednesday, “Making the Most of Loss Data“, that will draw insights from an entity’s loss data to identify loss trends impacting the entity and illustrate how to implement a successful risk management program based on this analysis. Two case studies will be presented, a pure captive and a Risk Retention Group, to show  how we can utilize industry loss trends to benchmark against an entity’s loss data, evaluate the loss trend, and employ software tools to draw further insights from loss data.

Speakers include Sammi Jones, Senior Captive and Finance Analyst for Cummins’ captive Dynamo Insurance Company, and Valynda Laird, who provides healthcare risk management consulting services to the Tecumseh Health Reciprocal Risk Retention Group which provides insurance to hospitals and medical centers in Indiana and Oklahoma. This session will be moderated by Steve McElhiney, who has joined Artex Risk Solutions through the purchase of EWI Re, and who has a significant level of experience with captives, risk management and reinsurance issues.

Please join us to gain meaningful tools to mitigate risk by utilizing loss data.  Go to www.vcia.com and register today.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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