Full Circle

Over the course of this 40th Anniversary of captive insurance in Vermont, I will share a photo or two from days gone by. The first photo is from Diane Leach’s first home office in 1987 where she ran VCIA before “upgrading” to a couple of office spaces throughout the years. Lots of clunky office equipment and Diane said the fax machine would ring all night!  Funny, how we have come full circle now that we are all working from home – and we may never go back to an office again (or at least not full time).

Even better is this photo from 1987 celebrating Diane’s departure luncheon at ARM (now Aon).  I recognize several folks in the photo – some still working in captives, others retired or passed. The guy standing to the right with the blue suit could have been me back then – just need to add parachute pants!  I will offer a box of Lake Champlain Chocolates to the person who can name the most faces in the photo!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rich Smith
VCIA President

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