A Captive Industry Icon Announces His Retirement

The State of Vermont’s Deputy Commissioner of the Captive Insurance Division is hanging up his gloves. Dave Provost leaves a permanent print on the robust infrastructure for domiciled captives in the Green Mountain State.

This week Vermont Captive Insurance set the captive world abuzz with a press release announcing Dave Provost’s retirement at the end of the summer. The Governor of Vermont Phil Scott could not sing Dave’s praise any higher by thanking him for “his immeasurable contribution to Vermonters and businesses around the world.” The Governor did pledge as well that Dave’s replacement would build on the “Gold Standard” for captives that Dave has helped create.

If you’ve been on the fence for registering for The VCIA Annual Conference August 8-11 in Burlington, Vermont, Dave’s news should get you over to attend. The conference will be a celebration of sorts for his career, and of course his insights during his “Hot Topics” on the last day of the conference is now simply a must see. Access Conference Registration here.

Mr. Captive himself, Dave Provost. Catch his last “Hot Topics” session at our Annual Conference this year.

I’m only three months on the job as VCIA’s President, and so it makes sense that I should be at the end of the line when it comes to reflecting on Dave Provost’s remarkable captive career. Nevertheless, as short as our relationship has been, we do make for a quick repartee pairing; it was only this Wednesday, during VCIA’s Spring Mixer, that Dave Provost shared his retirement news to the crowd. He was also quick to point out that I’m hitting my 100th day soon and that means my honeymoon phase will come to a firm end. This is true: Dave always has a joke in pocket.

The moment I met Vermont’s chief captive regulator it was instantly clear that his insights, approachable nature, and dedication to improving the captive industry are held in highest esteem and are things he deeply cares about. Dave Provost’s captive knowledge and technical and managerial skillsets will be major loses to recover, but it’s his dry wit and deadpan personality that most of us will miss just as much, if not more.

Dave Provost’s insights, approachable nature, and dedication to improving the captive industry are held in highest esteem and are things he deeply cares about.

Dave and some of his team in Vermont’s Senate Chamber

Dave achieved a lifetime of captive accomplishments during his 30 years of experience in the industry. He leaves the captive sector in Vermont (and beyond) larger, stronger and more visible than when he started. The VCIA, and indeed the whole captive insurance industry will miss Dave’s shrewd perspective, his fairness and his desire for effective and speedy advice and decisions. But mostly, the whole sector will just miss Dave. VCIA is honored to have his presence in his official capacity as Vermont’s chief captive regulator once last time this August. Let us toast to Dave!

Summer Conference Registration Opens!

Meticulously planning, securing keynotes and hammering out the schedule, we’ve waited all year for this and now the “gates are opened” for our first in-person conference in three years. We can’t wait to gather with the captive industry’s best and brightest this August in Burlington.

Our 2022 Conference is sure to be a memorable one!

We’re officially launched! Please visit our conference registration page to sign up for the biggest and strongest captive insurance event this summer on the global calendar. No matter your experience level, you will find so much in our conference that will develop you professionally and advance your career. We have a full slate of dynamic educational sessions, curated networking and benchmarking events, and an environment conducive for making business deals. Simply put, you are sure to add to you captive knowledge at the 2022 VCIA Conference, and more than that, it will be a triumphant celebration of the captive industry at large. Be sure to follow the #VCIA2022 hashtag on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I should mention (before I enlist you in another conference prize opportunity!) that I highly recommend booking your hotel and travel flight plans as soon as possible in order to avoid any complications. There are rooms still available at the VCIA group rate, but they are going fast, so head to our conference lodging page and be directed to local hotels who carry our group rate.

I’m a horse racing fan and I enjoy placing some modest bets down when I’m at the track. In that spirit, we are expecting a banner year, and as insurance professionals you are all concerned with risk and the odds that something might or might not occur. So, I introduce you to the VCIA version of ‘How Many Jelly Beans are in the Jar?’  I believe that our total attendance count will be 1,048. Are you taking that over or under? My guess includes exhibitors, staff and all classifications of attendees – i.e. anyone with a name badge! Let me know your number, and if I’m the closest, I will make a $50 personal donation to ICCIE (www.iccie.org), the captive insurance industry’s educational non-profit.  If someone beats me, I will make a $100 donation in their name!  We will, of course, also recognize the best prognosticator! Send your guesses to kmead@vcia.com

Need a little help to formulate your guess? Check out our Conference Attendee page to see who has already registered!

How many people will be in attendance at our conference? Take a guess and email Kevin!

See you in August – if not before! 

VCIA Staff Spotlight: Megan Precourt

The engine that makes VCIA run. Gatekeeper of conference registration. She can do it all and still finds time to do things she loves like hiking up a mountain or helping at her family farm. Meet VCIA’s Administrative Assistant, Megan Precourt

Along with industry-leading educational sessions and curated networking events, VCIA’s 37th Annual Conference is simply going to be blast. It will be a productive AND enjoyable time—guaranteed. That said, I have a couple of fun “branding” initiatives up my sleeve (after all, this will be my first conference as VCIA president, so I want to make it memorable!). Staff trivia will be one of them, so read this staff spotlight on our jack-of-all-trades Megan, and the three that went before her. Every staff member will be covered so you can get to know us better before our big summer event. We’ll pose some staff questions at the conference and if you get them right you could win a nice little gift!

If you’ve ever registered for a VCIA event or made further inquiries about the Association, you’ve probably been in contact with VCIA Administrative Assistant superstar Megan Precourt. Megan manages all facets of webinar, member mixer, and conference registrations, tracking important information for registrants, speakers, and VCIA Director of Education and Program Planning Diane Leach. Especially for our flagship event, Megan’s on the frontline of ensuring that attendees enjoy a smooth process of coming to our Annual Conference; she’ll likely be the first person you see when you come through the conference doors at the DoubleTree Burlington Hotel!

Megan manages all facets of webinar, member mixer, and conference registrations, tracking important information

Megan majored in International Studies at college, so it’s fitting that she’s had the “travel bug” all her life. She studied abroad in Australia for six months and France for a month, enjoying the different landscapes and cultures. After graduating, she even taught English for some time in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, she cites her family bond as being most important, agreeing with the old adage “never shall I go any further than my own backyard.” She’s a native Vermonter and loves being in a close-knit family, one with agricultural roots. Her grandfather started raising a herd of Black Angus cows that the family continues to care for to this day.

Shelburne Farms and Shelburne Farms Inn…not too far from where The VCIA Conference takes place!

You might wonder, where is Megan’s favorite place in the world? Being a world traveler, might it be somewhere in Bali or Belgium? Nope, much closer! Megan: “my favorite place in entire world is Shelburne Farms. If I had to be in only one spot for the rest of my life it would be there. I’ve worked there at the educational farm barn and in the Inn. It’s a wonderful place to explore and I love the values Shelburne Farms practices.” Besides gearing up for VCIA’s Annual Conference, Megan’s goal in the coming months is to hike presidential range of the White Mountains with her two brothers.

Megan at the top of Rattlesnake Points Cliff in the autumn

Make sure to say hello to Megan at the next gathering! Stay tuned for another staff spotlight soon, and remember to take some notes so you can win a prize at the conference!

Registration opens May 16th!