#VCIA2022: By the (Preliminary) Numbers

Just a quick writeup from me, as, you may have heard, we are hosting the largest captive insurance conference of the summer in just 3 days! I thought you might be interested by conference numbers, so take a look and see what you’re in for as you arrive to #VCIA2022!

See you next week!
  • As of Tuesday August 2, we have 918 people registered for the conference, with online registration ending on Wednesday 8/3. We expect about 40 – 50 ‘walk-in’ registrants, so our estimated number of registrants could be close to 975. 
  • Attendees are here from nearly 41 states and 5 countries/territories, U.S., Austria, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and England. 
  • About 100 people will be attending our 2nd Inaugural Captive Immersion on Monday August 8th, and Captive 101 on August 9th
  • At least 212 First Time Attendees will learn all about captives, earning professional credit and networking at #VCIA2022. 
  • At least 241 Captive Owners and prospects will be in attendance – that is an impressive 26% of our attendance.  
  • More than 80 of them are attending the Captive Owners Forum 
  •  30 of them attending Captive Owners Tour at the Vermont National Guard, guided by VTANG Commander Col. David W. Shevchik, Jr.  
  • 70 Exhibitors from all across America will be engaging with attendees and sharing their latest services and technologies to improve the captive industry.

Some key conference points: 

  • Innovation is a key theme (data analytics, Insurtech, Cyber Solutions, among others) 
  • Collaboration is paramount to attendees: being able to meet and talk with peers and experts gives attendees fresh ideas to pursue with their captives or companies. We’re doing this through discussion groups and networking lunches 
  • Ignite Talks are brief Ted-like styled presentations designed to capture the attention of the audience and offer a solution to a captive problem. They will be held in the Exhibit Hall and Amphitheater. 

^These are just a sampling of our dynamite conference “set list” – we can’t wait to share it all with you so, so soon!

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