Chicago – My Kind of Town!

chicagoI am just finishing up my trip to Chicago for the National Risk Retention Association annual meeting (the “good” NRRA), and it was great to see so many folks associated with VCIA there. Not a surprise at all that three out of the four panelist on a panel entitled “Best Practices for RRG Boards” were VCIA members: Siri Gadbois from EIIA, Michael Bemi from the National Catholic RRG, and Derick White from Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS).  Stephanie Mapes, newly minted El Presidente of the Burlington law firm of Paul Frank + Collins did double duty on a couple of panels including “RRGs 101” and one on governance standards.

Other VCIA members included Mark Nozette and David Ross from Attorneys’ Liability Assurance Society (ALAS), Hope Maxwell of Eastern Dentists Insurance Company, Joe Meli from Gen Re, Paul Weber from OMIC, and Clare Bello of Vertical Claims Management. I found out while I was there that Joe Meli will be retiring at the end of the year, so my congratulations goes out to him. Joe was the driving force to get Gen Re more deeply involved in the captive arena over the past few years and we are all so appreciative of his hard work. Congratulations also to Dan Labrie, President and CEO of the Housing Authority Insurance Group (HAI), who was elected Chairman of NRRA by the board on Thursday.

Jon Harkavy from Risk Services (and former VCIA board chair), is a driving force at NRRA and the ultimate defender of RRGs wherever they are challenged and threatened. And of course, Sandy Bigglestone, Director of Captive Insurance at Vermont’s Department of Financial Regulation, rounded out the conference on a regulators panel the last day. Just listening to her describe the different regulatory issues surrounding RRGs makes you understand why Vermont has more of them licensed (by far) than any other domicile.

All in all, a very nice conference! Now, if I can just get back to Vermont…


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